Tashkent public transport to get more ecofriendly, says Mirziyoyev


15-km elevated metro or tram line will be erected from Dustlik metro station (former Chkalov) to New Tashkent city, which is under construction. This plan was unveiled by the presidential candidate from the UzLiDeP party Shavkat Mirziyoyev at a rally in Tashkent city today.

According to him, the line will have a daily 115,000 passenger capacity.

“We will expedite efforts to ensure environmental stability in the capital, turning it into one of the megacities with clean air,” the candidate added.

By 2030, the volume of harmful emissions into the atmosphere will be reduced by 50%, or by 150,000 tons, he promised.

We have plans to purchase an additional 1,200 electric buses, and increase their share in the rolling stock of public transport to 50%, he highlighted.

“The rest of the buses will be switched to natural gas, which have 3 times less emissions. In other words, there will not be a single diesel bus left,” said Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

He noted that the principle of “Safe and Smooth Road” will be widely implemented through the digitalization of traffic management.

“12 overpasses will be built on streets with high congestion based on foreign best practices,” the candidate said.

At all intersections with traffic lights (605), the control systems “smart intersection” and “smart traffic light” will be introduced (there are currently 64 of them).

3,000 modern parking meters will be installed along the streets. Multi-level parking lots will be built at five entry points to the capital and near six metro stations, he said.

The Tashkent Times


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