PM Modi in Lok Sabha Highlights: ‘Peace shall return soon in Manipur, efforts on to punish the accused’


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday, speaking on Manipur violence issue during a debate on no-confidence motion moved by the Opposition against the Centre, assured the people of the strife-torn northeastern state that peace shall soon return as the government is doing everything possible to punish the accused. “The country is with you, this Parliament is with you. We will together find ways to resolve this challenge, peace will be established again soon. I assure the people of Manipur that the state will again witness progress,” Modi said in the Lok Sabha.

Earlier in his speech, launching an attack on the credibility of the Opposition bloc INDIA, the PM claimed, “Opposition needed ‘NDA’ to stay alive, they just added two ‘I’s to it due to their arrogance… Nothing is Congress’ own, from its poll symbol to ideas, everything has been borrowed from someone else.” Modi began his address by thanking the people of the country for reposing their trust on his government, and said, “No-confidence motion has proven to be always lucky for us, and this one also will ensure we return with record-breaking mandate.”

Congress Lok Sabha MP Gaurav Gogoi had initiated the no confidence debate on Tuesday, saying that the Opposition has brought this motion for Manipur. Today marks the denouement of the three-day debate on the no-confidence motion, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi set to respond to the motion moved against his government by the Opposition.

The Indian Express


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