Ministry of Energy of Kyrgyzstan, NovaWind JSC sign MoU on wind energy projects


The Ministry of Energy of Kyrgyzstan and NovaWind JSC have signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation on implementation of wind energy projects, the Ministry of Energy said.

The sides intend to consider and study possibility of cooperation in construction and operation of wind farms in Kyrgyzstan.

“Our country has a big potential in electricity generation. I am convinced that development of wind energy projects will not only diversify national energy portfolio and will enhance reliability of electricity supplies, but will also increase tax receipts for the budget and create new work places. I am confident our cooperation will allow to use natural resources for the benefit of our country and its people,” Minister Talaibek Ibraev said.

Director General of NovaWind JSC Grigory Nazarov said despite external restrictions, cooperation with friendly countries keeps growing.

“The signed agreement paves the way for new prospects for wind energy projects. We have a big experience in construction and operation of wind farms. 7 wind farms successfully operate in 3 regions in the south of Russia already. Emergence of wind farms in Kyrgyzstan will not only enhance reliability of electricity supplies in the region and improve its quality, but will also make contribution into increase of green energy share. Hopefully, our cooperation will be successful,” Grigory Nazarov said.

NovaWnd JSC is wind energy division of Rosatom Corporation. The company was founded in September 2017.



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