Estonia’s Russian tourist visa ban enters into force on August 18


On August 15, Estonian government confirmed that starting from August 18 Russian citizens holding a Schengen visa issued by Estonia for tourism, business, sports or culture will not be allowed to cross the border, informs Estonian Public Broadcasting ERR.

Travelers who arrive at the Narva, Luhamaa or Koidula checkpoints will no longer be allowed to enter Estonia.

Checks will be carried out by the Police and Border Guard Board (PPA).

A number of exceptions are in place:

  • To visit a close relative who lives in Estonia and is an Estonian citizen or has a long–term residence permit;
  • Russian diplomats working in Estonia and their family members;
  • Staff working in the international transport of goods and passengers;
  • Individuals who are allowed entry based on European Union law;
  • People who Estonia considers eligible for a visa on humanitarian grounds.
  • The government also updated the sanction imposed on Russian students last month.

An exception applies for students from Russia who did not graduate in the normal period. They are allowed to apply for an extension of their residence permit for one year to complete their studies in Estonia.

-BNN News

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