Welcome to “Boysun Spring”


In accordance with the decree No 59 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated February 7, 2022, “On measures to organize and hold the international folklore festival “Boysun Spring”, the international folklore festival “Boysun Spring” is held once every two years in Boysun District, Surkhandarya Region.

This festival, which is planned to be held on May 1-7 this year, includes a newly established 6-hectare area located in the “Bibishirin” neighborhood of Boysun district (a modern hotel with 110 seats, a center for 100 seats of artisans, a modern amphitheater with 3200 seats, fortresses of 15 districts) and it is planned to be held at a tourist destination.

The modern tourism complex in “Bibishirin” neighborhood, where the main events of the international festival will be held, is organizing all facilities for the wide display of performances of folklore-ethnographic groups, national sports games and other various shows.

This year, preparations are being made to hold the festival in a completely new spirit, which will bring together performers of the world’s folklore and ethnographic art, folklorists and industry experts in the heart of beautiful mountains.

It was decided to hold the festival on May 1-7, when the spring breeze is blowing in the heart of the mountains in order to make the international festival more attractive, to share the national festive mood with locals and foreigners, and to increase the tourism potential of the ancient oasis.

This gives a great opportunity to familiarize everyone with the rich programs of our elegant folklore-ethnographic communities, national sports games and other various performances, as well as to widely demonstrate the performances of local and foreign artists participating in the international competition of the festival, and to hold it at a high artistic level.

Improving the state infrastructure within the framework of the festival

50 light construction stalls and sanitary hygiene stations are being established based on a model project on the M-39 international highway of the Sherabad-Boysun route. At the same time, conditions are being created for tourists at roadside including car gas stations, and promotional banners for holding a holiday event are being installed on the roadside. Accommodation facilities and food stalls located along the road in Boisun district are being improved and beautified. Ornamental trees and flower seedlings are being planted in Boisun district.

Cultural entertainment and sports events held within the framework of the festival

This year’s festival is being held in a completely different way than previous ones.

Initially, an international scientific-practical conference will be organized in the city of Termiz. National (Tandir Kebab Festival) meals, national craft exhibitions, national costume exhibitions will be held on the basis of the established program within the days of the folk art holiday;

Drone, Drift and Auto shows will be held;

Concert programs of regional folklore ensembles, as well as concert programs of folklore-ethnographic ensembles of our capital and regions;

A bicycle marathon will be held (with the participation of 400 cyclists) on the roads of the mountainous district “Khojamaykhana;

“Press tour” and open-air press conference will be held for foreign and local journalists.

A traditional air balloon festival (20 air balloons) will be held;

At the same time, travel route is organized within 1-5 days for foreign and local tourists, trips to destinations such as “Omonkhona” healing spring water, Khoja Sultan Vali, Kamari Aziz, Khojakochkor Ota shrines, Zovboshi, Kyzil canyon, archaeological sites and historical monuments of the region are planned to visit.

In addition, the festival guests will be able to enjoy flying of kites, ram, rooster fights, tug-of-war and other ethno-sports competitions, wrestling, and goat-hunting competitions. The unique ancient arts of the peoples of the world will delight everyone in the competition of international folklore-ethnographic teams.

At the moment, it is planned to involve multiple countries in the international competition of famous folk groups from 20 countries such as Great Britain, Belgium, Israel, Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Romania, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, India.

Plus, about 100,000 local and 5,000 foreign tourists are expected to visit this festival. In order to create favorable conditions for visitors, there are a total of 11 hotels (500 beds), 95 family guesthouses (900 beds), 5 hostels (101 beds), 5 hostels (700 beds) in Boysun district.

116 vehicles (2,201 seats) are ready to serve guests. In addition, 408 vehicles (with 6201 seats) were prepared for the region.

The headquarters of the festival keeps receiving requests from foreign countries to participate in the international competition in order to demonstrate and represent the ancient art of their countries at the festival.


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