Mirziyoyev approves combined Tashkent and New Tashkent’s combined project by UK’s Cross Works


On September 5, the New Tashkent city draft master plan was presented to the president. After the presentation, Davronjon Odilov, Deputy Minister of Construction, Head of the New Tashkent City Development Management company unveiled some information about the project.

“Our president gave the instruction: “I want to build a city that communicates closely with nature, relies on our traditions, brings the community of the neighborhood and the public closer to each other, and makes it prosperous.” They chose the most convenient place for this. All ecologists and experts gave a positive opinion on the selected area.

According to him, the project proposed by Cross Works design company based in Great Britain was chosen because it successfully combined the features of a new city with present-day Tashkent. In the presentation slides, this company was shown as the developer of the New Tashkent master plan.

“Integration with the existing Tashkent was a big question. It is true that we are calling it New Tashkent, but this should also renew the “old” Tashkent. In one process, both of them should become one blood, one artery, that is, “old” and new cities should be built. Our President did not intend for them to remain separate cities. The goals of the president – a new idea in a new city, new energy, new enthusiasm had to take the “old” city with it.

The president himself chose this project. With the conclusions of more than 20 foreign and several local organizations, this project was highly assesed.”

According to the deputy minister, special attention was paid to greenness during the development of the project.

“According to world standards, green space per capita should not be less than 8-10 square meters. Currently, we envision 20-30 square meters of greenery per capita in the new city. This indicator makes the new city a garden city. “If we compare it with old Tashkent, the greenness index in Tashkent is much higher than international standards, and the total population will have 12-13 square meters of green space.”

Odilov said that the climate of the new Tashkent “comes closer to the climate of a tropical city.”

“That is, you can walk to the beach for 20-25 minutes from any point of the city. You can easily enjoy cultural recreation and restore your health on the beach, which is provided with all types of daily services, sports fields, and children’s playgrounds that are necessary for a person.

The head of the new Tashkent construction directorate asked when the construction works will begin.

“We can divide the construction works into two: building the bottom and top of the city. First of all, we need to build the base of the city. That is why we have started the first infrastructure and logistics constructions with road construction now. We are finishing the design works of the infrastructure of the roads, and we will actively start the practical works from October. After that, we can talk about the constructions on the ground.”

Saidazim Sharipov, the deputy director of Tashkentboshplan LITI, said that in the design of New Tashkent, attention is being paid to placing social facilities within a 15-minute walking distance.

“One of our main ideas in the concept is to place social facilities within a 15-minute walking distance of people, that is, 1200 meters. That is, it is assumed that the needs to be met in everyday life will be within walking distance,” said Sharipov.

The Tashkent Times


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