Military units of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan conduct joint exercises in Khorezm


Military of special units of the Ministries of Defense of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan conducted joint training at the Yangiaryk training ground in the Khorezm province, the press service of the Uzbek Ministry of Defense said.

“According to the program of the training course, which lasted several days, the military personnel of the two countries drilled how to kindle fire and find water in the desert, prepare weapons and traps for hunting from improvised tools, facilitate disguising units and deploying personnel in the desert. While, classes were held on making home-made medical supplies and providing medical care to the wounded,” the message says.

At the end of the course, the units conducted several kilometers of reconnaissance and search work and worked out overcoming water obstacles. The use of military weapons, the protection of each other in close combat, the withdrawal of the wounded from the battlefield and the provision of medical assistance to them were also worked out.

The Tashkent Times


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