Foreign Minister of Mongolia receives Ambassador of Vietnam


Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia Battsetseg Batmunkh received Ambassador of Vietnam Doan Khanh Tam on May 1 on the occasion of completion of his duties.

Minister Battsetseg expressed gratitude to Ambassador Doan Khanh Tam for his efforts in strengthening Mongolia-Vietnam ties, commending his contributions to advancing cooperation in trade and tourism, as well as facilitating and promoting people-to-people exchanges between the two countries.

The Foreign Minister also acknowledged Ambassador Doan Khanh Tam’s significant contribution to the conclusion of the agreement on exemption of visa requirements, which fosters favorable conditions for reciprocal travel between the citizens of Mongolia and Vietnam.

Ambassador Doan Khanh Tam conveyed his gratitude to the government of Mongolia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia for their support during his tenure, emphasizing his commitment to continue enhancing relations and cooperation between Mongolia and Vietnam.

At the meeting, Minister Battsetseg handed over the Golden Gerege of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Ambassador Doan Khanh Tam and extended her best wishes in his future endeavors.



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