Saudi Arabia calls for extraordinary OIC meeting on Afghanistan

As winter approaches, millions of Afghans will need help with food, medicine, housing, says Saudi Arabia.

RIYADH (AA) – Saudi Arabia on Monday called on the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to hold an extraordinary meeting to discuss the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan.

Saudi Arabia is looking to convene an “OIC Extraordinary Ministerial Meeting to Discuss Humanitarian Situation in Afghanistan,” said SPA, the kingdom’s official news agency.

It warned that as winter approaches, millions of Afghans will need help getting adequate food as well as medicine and housing.

The kingdom warned that should Afghanistan face economic collapse in the wake of the Taliban taking power this summer, this would damage regional and international peace and stability.

Since the Taliban took power, Turkey and Turkish aid groups have sent extensive aid to the people of Afghanistan, with Turkish officials warning about the humanitarian situation in the country.


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