Report on compliance with international human rights obligations from National Human Rights Center of the Republic Uzbekistan


The National Center for Human Rights of Uzbekistan has prepared a report on Uzbekistan’s compliance with international human rights obligations. The report consists of 5 chapters and provide comprehensive information on the activities carried out by Uzbekistan to fulfil international obligations in the field of human rights in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic at the period 2020-2021. The first part of the report presents information on the Protection of human rights in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, the second part presents the status of the implementation of the National Strategy of Uzbekistan in the field of Human Rights, the third part is about Human rights education, the fourth part is about the International Cooperation in the field of human rights and the fifth part include Results and Recommendations. The report also provides information about the presidential elections held on October 24, 2021, after amendments made to the election law. In this regard, the Government of Uzbekistan implemented practices to facilitate voting in the elections of citizens of Uzbekistan living abroad, taken the necessary measures to protect public health in elections held during the epidemic process, as well as 12.7 million disposable medical masks, 21.5 thousand litres of disinfectant delivered to election commissions in micro districts and districts, it reported by observes that other means of protection issued and more than 142 thousand people responsible for the election commission have been vaccinated. The report also emphasizes that the elections were held legally, honestly, impartially and transparently and on a free and fair basis.

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