EU diplomats meet with Khidirnazar Allaqulov


Officials from the Embassies of the European Union, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States met with Khidirnazar Allaqulov on September 14 to discuss the registration process for political parties in Uzbekistan.

The US Embassy added: In the United States, we believe that constructive opposition is important for an effectively functioning government. We appreciate the opportunity to discuss Mr. Allakulov’s efforts to register his political party in Uzbekistan.” Other embassies did not comment on the meeting.

In August, the Ministry of Justice refused state registration of Haqiqat, Taraqqiyot va Birdamlik (Truth, Development and Unity) democratic party stating that the reason for refusal was the insufficient number of signatures. Before this, Allaqulov applied for party registration in May, but was refused for the same reason.

In 2021, Allaqulov tried to register the party Haqiqat va Taraqqiyot (Truth and Development), but was also refused due to a lack of signatures.

The Tashkent Times


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