Director of Geopolitical Research Institute: “The Turkic world can become the central region of the world economy due to corridors”


The director of Geopolitical Research Institute, Dr. (PhD) Asylbek Izbairov made a speech on “Prospects for Turkic Integration: Trends, Opportunities and Necessity” at the conference “In Search of Integration in the Shadow of the Global Struggle for Power and the Turkish World”, organized by Ankara Center for Crisis and Political Studies (ANKASAM).

Dr. Asylbek Izbairov emphasized the importance of the transformation of the Turkic Council into a real political organization, which will become one of the important moments in the history of the Turkish-speaking countries.

Continuing his speech, the expert expressed his expectations as follows:

“Within the framework of such projects as the New Silk Road and the Turanian Corridor (or Middle Corridor), the Turkic world can become the central region of the world economy and a real actor in international politics. In this sense, it is important to emphasize that the future of the Turkic Council will depend on the stabilization of the situation in the South Caucasus and the effectiveness of the integration of the Central Asian countries.”

Readers can watch the recording of the online conference on the ANKASAM YouTube channel.


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