2 Azerbaijani workers killed by Armenian land mine in Karabakh

 In separate incident, Azerbaijani soldier killed by Armenian forces in Kalbajar region.

ANKARA (AA) – Two Azerbaijani construction workers were killed when a mine planted by Armenian forces exploded in the Karabakh region on Thursday.

The workers, identified as Vusal Gandiyey and Orkhan Khanatov, were killed in the Shusha region, according to Azerbaijan’s Interior Ministry.

In a separate incident, an Azerbaijani soldier was killed in “another provocation committed by Armenian armed forces … in the direction of the Kalbajar region” on Wednesday night.

“The Armenian military-political leadership bears full responsibility for the escalation of tensions,” the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said in a statement on Thursday.

Azerbaijan has been making efforts to clear the Nagorno-Karabakh region of land mines planted by Armenian forces during their nearly three decades of occupation.

Baku handed over 10 captive soldiers to Armenia this month in exchange for minefield maps, while it earlier received maps of 92,000 mines laid in Fuzuli and Zangilan and 97,000 in Aghdam after releasing 30 Armenian nationals.

The two countries were involved in a 44-day conflict over Upper Karabakh that started in September last year and ended with a cease-fire brokered by Russia on Nov. 10.

During the faceoff, Azerbaijan liberated several cities and 300 settlements and villages that were occupied by Armenia for nearly three decades.

The leaders of the three countries later agreed to develop economic ties and infrastructure for the benefit of the entire Caucasus region.

Earlier this month, clashes broke out on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan, with Russia stepping in again to mediate.


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