Russia warns Greece: “Possible consequences for S-300 shipment to Kyiv; They will be detected and destroyed”


Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that Greece’s willingness to transfer the S-300 to Ukraine if it receives Patriot missiles systems are provocative and stressed that all military equipment sent to Kyiv will be destroyed by the Russian armed forces, APA reports citing Greekcitytimes.

Greek Defence Minister Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos said on Sunday that the country’s government is ready to send S-300 air defense systems from Crete to Ukraine if the US “installs the Patriot system in their place.”

Zakharova said that Russia considers Greece’s “provocative plans to supply the Kyiv regime with the S-300 and other Russian/Soviet air defense systems openly hostile to Russia.”

“This would be a flagrant violation of the provisions of the Russian-Greek intergovernmental agreements on military-technical cooperation of October 30, 1995, and on the supply of military products of December 3, 2013, which unambiguously prohibit Greece from re-exporting the military equipment supplied by Moscow to a third party without Russia’s consent,” she continued.

The spokeswoman also emphasised that the violation of contractual obligations will have inevitable consequences… “not to mention the significant weakening of the Greek defence capability in the field of air defence.”

“Finally, no one should have any doubts that all military equipment sent to Kyiv will be detected and destroyed in a timely manner by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Before it’s too late, you can abandon risky plans. Once again we warn the Greek leadership of the responsibility”.


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