Missing Russian plane found, all passengers alive

by Sami Burgaz

MOSCOW, RUSSIA – JULY 16: The AN-28 plane that went missing in Russia on Friday has been found, and all passengers and crew members are alive, the country’s Emergency Ministry said.

According to the updated data, 19 people, including two children and four crew members, were on board when the plane made a hard landing in the dense forest.

Their health condition is unknown, they will be transported to the nearest city of Tomsk by helicopter for medical examination, the ministry said.

The previous reports said 17 people with four children among them were aboard.
A distress signal was received from the An-28 aircraft before it disappeared from radars over the Tomsk region, the ministry said in its earlier statement.

The missing plane was heading from the city of Kedrovy to Tomsk, according to Siberian Light Aviation, the company that owns the aircraft.

The plane was found to be fit to fly before departure and the crew did not report any malfunctions during the flight, it added.

Earlier this month, an An-26 plane crashed in Russia’s Far East Kamchatka region, killing all six crew members and 23 passengers on board.


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