Italy and Canada to develop a roadmap for enhanced co-operation


The Prime Ministers of Italy and Canada, Giorgia Meloni and Justin Trudeau, announced after their meeting in Toronto (Canada) that they will develop a roadmap for deepening relations between the two countries.

According to the Report based on TASS, the following statements were made in the joint statement.

“Today, we agreed to further deepen our political, economic and strategic ties and enhance our already excellent bilateral relations by committing to develop a roadmap for greater co-operation between Canada and Italy,” the joint statement published on the Italian government’s website said.

According to the statement, the roadmap will outline detailed programmes to develop relations between Italy and Canada over the next three to five years. Bilateral co-operation will address energy security, climate change, migration and the economy. The countries also plan to jointly develop innovations, including in the field of artificial intelligence.

The results of the roadmap will be discussed at the next meeting in Italy in June.


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