Kyrgyzstan and EBRD discussed cooperation in the development of the country’s energy sector


Minister of Economy and Trade of the Kyrgyz Republic Daniyar Amangeldiev met with Mark Bowman, Vice President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Trend reports.
During the meeting, Amangeldiev detailed the reforms carried out by the Kyrgyz government in the field of tax policy and entrepreneurial conditions.
He also emphasised the importance of the participation of bilateral financial institutions in the financing of Kyrgyz enterprises, thanks to which it is possible to allocate $400 million for business development in the country in 2023. Given the volatility of the market, the Minister suggested that the EBRD consider reviewing the financial conditions of loans in Kyrgyzstan in order to attract more businesses and entrepreneurs in the country.
Bowman emphasised the strategic importance of financing renewable energy and water projects for Kyrgyzstan. Bowman expressed the importance of implementing projects on the development of irrigation systems and the sustainable use of drinking water in order to protect the country’s water resources.
Both sides expressed readiness for further cooperation in the development of energy and economy of Kyrgyzstan, recognising the importance of these efforts for the sustainable development of the country.


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