France, Romania to sign deal for grain export from Ukraine


France and Romania will sign an agreement to facilitate the export of grain trapped in Ukraine by land, theFrench transport minister said Sunday.

Clement Beaune told France Inter Radio that he will sign an agreement with Bucharest to allow the transportation of cereals by land route. The grain will also be supplied to European countries and to developing countries, notably in the Mediterranean which are in grave food insecurity crisis.

He also dismissed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s statements made at the Eastern Economic Forum last week in which he accused Europe of keeping the bulk of grain for itself, directing only 3% of the foodstuff to poorer countries.

“I am proud that due to European action we have been able to regain almost the same levels of grain exports that Ukraine had before the war and supplying it to countries that need it by sea and land,” he said.

In July, Türkiye and the United Nations, brokered a deal with Russia to allow the export of grain through the Black sea, which was blocked by the Russian military forces, triggering fears of a food crisis. The UN has welcomed the resumption of wheat export as it helped reduce global food inflation and meet the food security of several African and Middle Eastern countries.



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