South Africa Labelled The US Draft Resolution On Bilateral Relations As A Failure


The South African government considers the resolution submitted to the US Congress criticising the Republic of South Africa for its foreign policy activities and demanding a review of bilateral relations as a failure.

According to the Report, citing TASS, this view was expressed by Vincent Magwenya, the official representative of the South African President.

“If this bill is passed, it will be a major setback for South Africa-US relations,” Magwenya said in an interview with Bloomberg news agency. – “Many of the issues raised by members of Congress have either been addressed in our own cases or have been clarified in public communications.”

On 6 February, a bipartisan bill was introduced in the House of Representatives criticising some of South Africa’s foreign policy actions, including a case before the UN International Court of Justice accusing Israel of genocide while fighting in the Gaza Strip. Bloomberg notes that the proposed bill reinforces criticism that US lawmakers have levelled in the past over South Africa’s refusal to support the West’s position on the conflict in Ukraine and deepening cooperation within BRICS.

“Following the ruling of the UN International Court of Justice on our case, the claim that it was inappropriate or politically motivated has been completely rejected,” Magwenya said.

In December 2023, South Africa filed a case against Israel at the UN International Court of Justice in The Hague, accusing Israel of genocide in the Gaza Strip. On 26 January, the Court ordered Israel to take all necessary measures to prevent genocide in Gaza under precautionary measures and to report back within one month.


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