Indonesia calls for national dialogue following ‘coup’ in Tunisia

by Sami Burgaz
Official says Jakarta monitoring political developments in Tunis.

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AA) – Indonesia on Tuesday called on parties in Tunisia to hold national dialogue after President Kais Saied’s sacked the government and suspended parliament.

“Indonesia hopes that a national dialogue involving all political powers in Tunisia can be carried out immediately to restore democracy,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Teuku Faizasyah told Anadolu Agency.

Indonesia continues to monitor political developments in Tunisia, he said, adding that all 202 Indonesian citizens in the North African country are reported to be safe.

“Indonesian representatives in Tunisia have reminded the citizens to be careful, and stay away from crowded areas,” Faizasyah said.

Political parties in Tunisia have accused the president of staging a coup, but Saied said he acted in accordance with the Constitution.

Dismissed PM Hichem Mechichi has said he would hand his powers to whoever is appointed by the president. In a statement, he said he will not play an obstructive role in complicating the situation in Tunisia.

Tunisia is seen as the only country that succeeded in carrying out a democratic transition following the popular Arab Spring uprisings. But it failed in achieving economic and political stability, and the recent spike in coronavirus cases fueled further public frustration.


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