Novatek supplied first batch of LNG with carbon footprint indication — company


Novatek supplied the first batch of liquefied natural gas (LNG) with verified acknowledgment of emissions and the carbon footprint from the Yamal LNG plant at the turn of 2023, the Russian gas producer said in its report.

Novatek is also studying options of supplying carbon offset batches of LNG to its buyers. “According to the globally established practice, the calculation of the greenhouse gas footprint of supplied LNG and its offsetting by carbon units are made in accordance with the company’s own methodology,” Novatek informed.

“Our LNG is one of the most eco-friendly ones worldwide. Owing to production of Novatek’s LNG in the cold Arctic climate, the liquefaction process is the most energy efficient globally, leading to low emissions,” the gas producer added.

The corporate guidelines on quantity estimates of greenhouse gas emissions and the carbon footprint was successfully validated by an international accredited institutions in October 2023, Novatek informed. The methodology developed makes it possible to provide buyers with verified confirmations of emissions and the carbon footprint for each LNG batch supplied from the Yamal LNG project.

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