Hungary declares ‘state of emergency’ over threats posed by Russia-Ukraine war


The Hungarian prime minister on Tuesday announced a “state of emergency” to enable his country to take quick decisions in response to security and economic threats posed by the war between Russia and Ukraine.

In a statement on his Facebook account, Viktor Orban said his new government took measures to address the issue as it could not be predicted when the war in Ukraine would come to an end.

Details of the state of emergency would be announced on Wednesday, Orban added.

The prime minister said that the measures are in line with the constitution and it would go into effect as of early Wednesday.

He stressed that it was of vital importance for the government to take immediate steps to be able to project the country against threats emanating from the war.

Orban said that the crisis threatens the physical security of the country along with the economy and that Hungary should remain out of the war.

The country had previously declared a state of emergency as part of the fight against irregular migration and COVID-19.



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