Serbia’s army ready to defend Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija — PM


According to Ana Brnabic, the only thing Albin Kurti wants is “that there are no Serbs” in Kosovo

BELGRADE, December 27. /TASS/. Serbia’s army is on high alert and is ready to defend its people in Kosovo and Metohija, Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said on Tuesday.

“The police’s and army’s high alert means that Serbia is ready to respond if anyone attacks Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija. This year, [Prime Minister of the unrecognized republic of Kosovo] Albin Kurti has staged a series of outraging provocations and unilateral actions [against Serbs],” the government press service quoted her as saying.

According to Brnabic, the only thing Kurti wants is “that there are no Serbs” in Kosovo. She stressed that Pristina has violated all the existing agreements and the situation in Kosovo and Metohija is getting more and more serious every day amid his threats. “Kurti is already warning about human casualties and the forcible removal of barricades. I hope that [Serbia’s] international partners will be wise enough not to let this happen,” she added.

The situation in Kosovo was aggravated dramatically on December 6, when the Kosovo police along with EULEX (European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo) patrols began to seize premises housing electoral commissions in northern Kosovo and Metohija. Local Serbs repelled the Kosovars, who fled across the Ibar River. Two days later, on December 8, around 350 Kosovo policemen in armored cars intruded into the Serb-inhabited northern Kosovo and blocked the northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica. On December 10, the Kosovo police detained Dejan Pantic, a former Serbian policeman, on dubious charges. In response, the Serb population erected barricades along a highway in several locations and took to the streets in protest.

In an interview with The Guardian, Prime Minister of the unrecognized republic of Kosovo Albin Kurti said that the barricades in northern Kosovo must be removed as soon as possible, but their removal cannot rule out the possibility of casualties.


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