Tajikistan and Uzbekistan open measuring stations to control transboundary waters


Two new measuring stations, Patar and Sarvak, have been commissioned on the border of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan to monitor transboundary water flows. The stations, located along the Northern and Greater Fergana canals, will make it possible to more accurately measure the flow of water used for irrigation in both republics, Sputnik reported.

This important step was discussed at a meeting of the Tajik-Uzbek working group on integrated management of transboundary water resources in Central Asia. Participants noted that without reliable water accounting systems it is difficult to effectively manage transboundary water resources and control their utilisation within established limits. In particular, there was no properly functioning automated management system in the Syr Darya river basin, which made the process difficult.

Daler Juma, Minister of Energy and Water Resources of Tajikistan, expressed his belief that the automation of measurement and data transfer at the new gauging stations will enable more effective water management and strengthen the trust between the two countries.

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