Economy Minister emphasises importance of joining European roaming space


Georgian Economy Minister Levan Davitashvili on Monday said it was “important” for the country to become a part of Europe’s unified roaming space, adding “a lot of work” had been done by domestic authorities for the objective.

“It is very important to become a part of the European roaming space. This move would enable the public to use local tariffs when travelling in Europe. However, it is not within our control to name a specific date as the decision lies with the European Commission”, he said.

Davashvili said a “detailed plan of action” to address the topic was in place, with “active work” underway to pass regulations complying with European law, and highlighted “significant progress” made in implementing telecommunications reforms “praised” by the European Commission.

“However, the decision has been made to make a single statement on when Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine join the roaming space. Work is underway individually with each country to become a part of a single space soon”, he added.

The Minister also said he hoped domestic authorities would make progress this year and adopt the legislative initiatives.


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