Uzbek army will be provided with the most advanced weapons and military equipment by 2030, says Mirziyoyev

Uzbekistan’s foreign policy course will be solely based on the interests of the people and the state, said the presidential candidate Shavkat Mirziyoyev at the eleventh congress of the Uzbekistan Liberal-Democratic Party, where was officially nominated as the party’s candidate for presidency.

“It is our primary and sacred duty to unconditionally ensure the independence, security, and territorial integrity of our homeland. Uzbekistan’s initiatives in the political, trade-economic and cultural-humanitarian areas are being actively advanced in the international arena.

“First of all, we will rapidly develop good neighborly and strategic partnership ties with neighboring countries. In Central Asia, practical cooperation in various areas, especially the rational use of water resources, development of transport corridors, will be brought to a qualitatively new level.”

“We also support our fellow countrymen abroad and create the necessary conditions for their active participation in the development of our country. Among them, systematic measures will be taken to promote the mother tongue, national culture and traditions,” he said.

“The continued instability in Afghanistan is a serious concern for all of us. In such complex processes, our main goal will be to further strengthen the state independence, inviolability of our borders and territorial integrity of Uzbekistan.

“In this regard, in order to further increase the power of our Armed Forces, our defense capabilities and military potential, our national army will be provided with the most advanced weapons and military equipment by 2030. We will speed up the work we have started on raising the fighting spirit and potential of the troops, training military personnel, providing them with social and legal protection, and educating our youth in the spirit of patriotism,” said Shavkat Mirziyoev.

“The military power and high moral potential should become two great pillars of the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan.”

The Tashkent Times

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