Japan’s Embassy donates medical equipment for Tashkent city maternity complex

Mr. Hatori Takashi, Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Uzbekistan, took part in the ceremony of providing medical equipment to the Tashkent City Maternity Complex No.6 within the framework of the grant program “Japan’s Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects”. The ceremony was attended by Ms. BASITKHANOVA Elmira, Deputy Minister of Health, Dr. PAKHOMOVA Janna, Chief Physician, as well as other representatives of the Maternity Complex.

Within the framework of the project, the Government of Japan provided a set of medical equipment necessary for the treatment of pregnant women and newborns, including a ventilator and resuscitation tables (total grant amount: 91,350 US dollars). It is expected that the Project contributes to improve the quality of maternal and child health services, as well as perinatal care in the region.

Japan attaches great importance to the concept of “Human Security”, which contributes to the creation of a society where everyone can live happily and with dignity. The Embassy of Japan will continue to cooperate in improving access to high-quality medical services in Uzbekistan.

The Tashkent Times

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