Peter Siarto: “We-Hungarians are close friends of Azerbaijanis”

Some forces try to create a collision between West and East, said the Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Siarto after the signing of documents between Azerbaijan and Hungary in Baku, APA reports.

The minister reminding that Hungary is located in Central Europe said that they were able to take a lesson from history: “We have understood the establishment of calm, civil relations. This meets our national interests. We have to build bridge among the countries, regions. We have to step to the new chapter of the cooperation. Azerbaijan and Hungry have tried hard to develop our relations, connections. Our countries have established successful cooperation in the field of culture, economy and trade. It is important for us to make friend in the field of foreign trade. Making friends is the priority of Hungary in its foreign policy. Azerbaijan is our friend. We are the friendly nations, we-Hungarians are the close friends of Azerbaijanis. Many in Azerbaijan highly evaluate this friendship”.


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