‘Bosnia Herzegovina’s main foreign policy goal is EU, NATO membership’

Photo Credit: 24.news

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s main foreign policy goal is to become a member of the EU and NATO, the chairman of the country’s presidency said in his UN General Assembly address on Wednesday.

Sefik Dzaferovic said Bosnia and Herzegovina has made progress in fulfilling the requirements to become an EU candidate state.

“We achieved some priorities in full, and others partially. We are happy that, in the past weeks, we have continued to fulfill those priorities,” he said.

“I expect that, after the general elections, Bosnia will continue on this path even more strongly to get the status of a candidate for EU membership as soon as possible.”

On the NATO front, Dzaferovic said Bosnia and Herzegovina is following the membership action plan and has adopted reforms to fulfill its obligations.

– ‘We are all equal in the region’

Dzaferovic emphasized the need for “mutual cooperation” to ensure regional stability and prosperity.

“Regional cooperation is also part of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s foreign policy goals. Bosnia and Herzegovina wants good relations with its neighbors, with mutual appreciation, respect, and the principle of reciprocity,” he said.

This is the “only way to build relations with Bosnia and Herzegovina,” he asserted.

“Everyone in the region must understand … that the path to security and prosperity is a path of mutual cooperation and solving issues, in accordance with the principles of international law,” said Dzaferovic.

“We are all equal in the region, no one can dominate anyone, and peace and stability are what everyone needs.”


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