Turkish engineering company to digitalize civil aviation in Malaysia


Haritaevi Aviation Engineering will provide services at 21 airports in Malaysia

ANKARA (AA) – A Turkish engineering company, which provides technological solutions for the aviation industry, will accelerate digital transformation at 21 airports in Malaysia.

According to a statement by Haritaevi Aviation Engineering on Wednesday, the company “will perform obstacle data analysis, electronic terrain and obstacle data (ETOD) and airport mapping database (AMDB) services for 21 airports in Malaysia, and Airport Surface Routing Network (ASRN) for six airports.”

Haritaevi’s digital marketing specialist Cezmi Aslan said the firm proved its international competency in terms of method and technique once again by securing such a project.

“We will use a mixed-method based on satellite photogrammetry and terrestrial integration in our studies. All of the services we will provide for the Malaysian Civil Aviation Authority will comply with ICAO, EASA and ISO Standards, as in the projects we have carried out before.

“In parallel with the targeted digitalization in civil aviation, we offer our customers a very strong informatics infrastructure at competitive prices,” it added.

Haritaevi Aviation Engineering was established in 2006 with a focus on geographic information systems, offering innovative solutions for airport, civil aviation, and air navigation authorities in the fields of aviation safety, airport safety, and aeronautical studies.


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