Russian MFA calls on Sweden and Finland not to join NATO


Russian Foreign Minister commented on NATO Secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg’s statement on the alliance’s readiness to accept Sweden and Finland as a member, APA reports citing the website of Russian MFA.

Russian MFA described such statements as an attempt to influence foreign policy in Sweden and Finland.

The MFA says that Russia has long term friendly relations with these countries and as non-members of the bloc, Sweden and Finland contribute to the security of Europe: “We believe that in the current crisis period, the status of not joining blocks is a most influential way states to ensure their security.

When it comes to the negotiations with NATO, we formed this agenda established based on three key elements: Suspension of expansion of NATO, blow near Russian borders, non-deployment of weapon systems, return the bloc to the configuration of the Russia-NATO Founding Act signed in 1997.”

The statement of the MFA notes that Russia awaits NATO’s promised written reaction.


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