Philippines and Japan launch 94-meter multi-role response vessel for Philippine Coast Guard

by Sami Burgaz

TOKYO 27 July 2021 — The first 94-meter multi-role response vessel (MRRV) made in Japan for the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), the biggest vessel among the marine assets of the PCG, was launched on 26 July 2021 at the Shimonoseki Shipyard of Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. 

The vessel was launched as the Philippines and Japan mark the 65th anniversary of the normalization of their diplomatic relations, as well as the 10th anniversary of the PH-Japan Strategic Partnership. Philippine Ambassador Jose C. Laurel V said the MRRV construction was a testament to the unyielding ambition of the Philippines and a beginning for the PCG to undertake its sea duty of saving lives, protecting the seas, and confronting challenges which arise. 

Ambassador Laurel expressed confidence in joint projects with Japan, and paid tribute to excellent Japanese workmanship that created the new PCG vessel.

The Philippine Government procured two 94-meter vessels under the Maritime Safety Capability Improvement Project Phase II (MSCIP Phase 2), whose completion is expected in 2022.  Phase I of the project was completed in 2018 with the delivery of all 40-meter patrol vessels for the Philippine Coast Guard. 


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