Greek deputy minister visits non-military island of Bozbaba


Greek high-level officials made nearly 50 visits to the islands with non-military status in 2022.

Greek Deputy Minister of National Defense Nikos Hardalias visited the non-military island of Bozbaba (Agios Efstratios) on Friday.

Hardalias visited Bozbaba Island, 80 kilometers (37 miles) from Türkiye, by helicopter.

While Türkiye often gives a message of peace and resolution to problems through dialogue, Greece decided on provocative actions in the Aegean Sea.

It is reported that Greek high-level officials have made nearly 50 visits to the islands that have a non-military status in 2022.

It was also reported that the Greek side’s intensification of activities, which are contrary to international conventions and agreements, was for “provocation” purposes, noting that there would be no other meaning in choosing, especially these islands, for a visit, among thousands of islands in the Aegean.

Meanwhile, military sources cited the importance of Greek authorities stopping the visits instead of escalating tensions between Ankara and Athens.



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