Russia’s Tatarstan leader criticizes law ending his title of president

Rustam Minnikhanov says Tatarstan’s voice was not heard on issue of using title of president.

MOSCOW (AA) – The top leader in the Russian Republic of Tatarstan on Monday criticized a new law ending his holding the title of president.

Tatarstan’s position was not taken into account when the new law on regional administrative power was passed, Rustam Minnikhanov told a news conference in Kazan, the republic’s capital.

“The law has been passed, and we’re law-abiding people. But it so happened that our voice was not heard on some issues,” he said.

The law prohibits the heads of Russian regions from using the title of president.

Minnikhanov was the last regional leader in Russia to use the title.

On Dec. 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on the structure of public authority in the regions, which among other things cancels the ban on governors serving more than two terms in a row.


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