Russian Foreign Ministry accuses Australia of hypocrisy, ignoring war crimes in Afghanistan


The Russian Foreign Ministry accused the Australian authorities of hypocrisy, since, according to Russian diplomats, the Australian political class does not want to “investigate the killings of civilians by the military of this country in Afghanistan,” Report informs, citing the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

It says that although Australia calls for a “world order based on rules”, in fact it adheres to “double standards”.

“The unwillingness to deal with the settlement of this problem testifies to the hypocrisy of the Australian political class, which constantly announces its commitment to a ‘world order based on rules’, the protection of human rights, respect for international law, etc.,” the message says.

The diplomatic department noted that the Australian authorities are trying to “retouch” or “shelve” the results of the investigation of the facts of crimes by the Australian military in Afghanistan, which was conducted by the Inspector General of the Australian Armed Forces. The Foreign Ministry stressed that journalists and activists still demand that those responsible be held accountable.

“In the two years that have passed since the publication of the Brereton report, its main recommendations remain unfulfilled, although both the previous head of the Cabinet, Scott Morrison, and the current Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, promised to do so,” the Foreign Ministry noted.

The ministry indicated that none of the 19 active or former military personnel against whom evidence was obtained of their crimes in Afghanistan was brought to criminal responsibility.


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