Russian FM: NATO returned to Cold War priorities


“NATO has returned to Cold War priorities. The Russians want to keep the Russians out of Europe and the Americans in Europe, with the United States now holding the entire European Union under its control”, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, APA reports citing Newsfront.

“We remember how NATO was created: when the first secretary general of the alliance, Mr.Ismay, came up with the formula ‘Keep the Russians out of Europe, the Americans in Europe, and the Germans under control’. What is happening now absolutely means a return of NATO to those conceptual priorities that were worked out 70 years ago”, said Russian FM at a news conference on Thursday.

According to him, NATO now still wants to keep the Russians out of Europe, while the U.S., in turn, has already enslaved all of Europe and keeps not only the Germans under control but the entire European Union.


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