Russia adds Greece, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia to its unfriendly countries list


Greece, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia have been added to the list of states unfriendly to Russia, the press service of the country’s Cabinet said on Friday.

“The government has updated the list of foreign states that commit unfriendly acts against Russian diplomatic and consular missions abroad. The list now also includes Greece, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia,” the statement said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s executive order on measures (countermeasures) in response to unfriendly actions of foreign states was adopted on April 23, 2021. The document provides for limiting the possibility (up to complete prohibition) for such countries to hire Russian workers for its embassies, consulates and representative offices of government agencies.

“The list, approved by the government, in addition to the names of the countries, specifies the number of individuals in Russia, with whom diplomatic missions of unfriendly countries and their consular offices may conclude employment contracts. Thus, according to the new decree, Greece has a limit of 34 people, Denmark – 20, Slovakia – 16. Slovenia and Croatia cannot hire employees for their diplomatic missions and consular institutions,” the cabinet of ministers said.

Earlier, in May 2021, restrictions were imposed on US and Czech diplomatic missions. The list approved by the government is not final and, taking into account the ongoing hostile actions of foreign states against Russian missions abroad, can be expanded.



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