Police release 600 Muslims arrested at mosque in Moscow

‘All those arrested have been released,’ says lawyer.

MOSCOW (AA) – Security forces released late Friday approximately 600 Muslims who were arrested at a mosque in Moscow.

“All those arrested have been released,” lawyer Mariya Krasova told the Russian TASS news agency.

Earlier, another lawyer, Lidiya Anosova, told TASS that police detained the community in the Kotelniki district of Moscow.

“According to my knowledge, around 600 people were detained. These people were detained at the mosque in Kotelniki,” said Anasova, who added that the detainees were taken to the Lyubertsy Police Station.

Anasova said the identities of the detainees are being checked and no charges have yet been filed.

The Press Service of the Moscow Regional Administration of the country’s Interior Ministry said that information about the detention was being monitored.


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