MGIMO fires leading expert for his provocative statements against Azerbaijan

Mikhail Alexandrov, a leading expert at the Center for Military-Political Studies at Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), was fired from the institute due to his provocative statements against Azerbaijan, Report informs, citing the university’s rector’s office.

“Last Friday, on one of the Russian TV channels, Mikhail Aleksandrov, who held the position of a leading expert at the Center for Military-Political Studies of the MGIMO, made statements that were detrimental to the allied relations between Russia and Azerbaijan, grossly distorted the goals and objectives of Russian policy towards a neighboring friendly state.

The groundless aggressiveness and flagrant unprofessionalism of Alexandrov’s statements caused an extremely harsh adverse reaction from the foreign policy community and the anger of the MGIMO team. The image and interests of the university were seriously damaged.

Based on the incompatibility of Alexandrov’s actions with the status of an MGIMO employee, as well as the facts of extreme neglect of official duties on the part of Alexandrov, the rector signed an order to terminate Mikhail Alexandrov’s contract and dismiss him from the institute,” MGIMO said.

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