Another Crimean Tatar arrested by Russia: Ukraine

Russian forces have recently detained over 50 people in Crimea

KYIV, Ukraine (AA) – Another Crimean Tatar was arrested by Russian authorities in Crimea, a Ukrainian official said on Wednesday.

“Tonight house of former member of Simferopol Majlis of the Crimean Tatar People Eldar Menseitov was searched in Molodizhne. Members of security forces of (Russian) occupation authorities took him to unknown destination,” Ukraine’s Deputy Foreign Minister Emine Dzheppar said on Twitter.

Russian security forces have arrested more than 50 people in Crimea, including prominent politician and intellectual Nariman Dzhelyal, Ukraine announced last week.

Russian forces entered the Crimean Peninsula in February 2014, with President Vladimir Putin formally dividing the region into two separate federal subjects of the Russian Federation the following month.

Crimea’s ethnic Tatars have faced persecution since that time, a situation especially decried by Turkey.

Turkey, the EU, and US, as well as the UN General Assembly, view Crimea’s annexation as illegal.


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