Uzbekistan’s Ten Commandments for greater regional connectivity

by Sami Burgaz
Dr. Mehmood ul Hassan Khan

Dr. Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan has specialties in management, marketing, economics and governance. He has also master degree in Development with specialization in Diplomacy and Public Relations. He has also a rich experience in research, peace and conflict resolution and defence issues. His research and comprehensive articles have already been published in China, Uzbekistan, Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan, USA, South Korea, UAE and Kuwait too.

He has great experience in the socio-economic, geo-politics and geo-strategic issues of Central Asia, Caucasus and Middle East. He is a famous expert on CIS and Caucasus in Pakistan. Member Board of Experts: CGSS, Islamabad. Ambassador at large at IHRFW.

While addressing the international conference “Central Asia and South Asia: regional interconnectedness: Challenges and opportunities”, President of Uzbekistan H.E. Shavkat Mirziyoyev pinpointed “ten initiatives” to achieve greater regional connectivity. Being prominent regional expert of Uzbekistan and CIS I term it “Ten Commandments of Modern World”.

It is indeed a “Strategic Road Map” to foster trade and commerce activities, joint ventures, mutual investments, new jobs and eradication of poverty.

It is a modern “Transportation Network Modeling and Calibration” to create modern, efficient and safe transport and logistics infrastructure in Central Asia and South Asia.

It is a “Blue Print” of socio-economic prosperity, massive industrialization, persuasion of green energies, sincere efforts of de-carbonization, formation of economic and logistic corridors, paradigm shift in trade tariffs, integrative mechanism of preferential and free trade.

It is “Bible of Commercial Diplomacy” which eschews conspiracies, conflicts and contradictions and promotes spirits of cooperation, coordination and collaboration among the main stakeholder in the region.

It is a “Das Kapital” for modern era in which rights are protected through development orientations, regulatory bodies and investments are made to bring comforts in the lives of common people.

It is a new “Magna Carta” for the 21 century in which equity of finances creates equitable business propositions and sustainable partnerships for all the regional countries.

It is an “Aurora Supercomputer” to stimulate digitalization in the region to enhance virtual connectivity and supply platform of locomotive of economic cooperation between the two regions of Central Asia and South Asia.   It is a comprehensive outline of digital transformation, techniques of survives and thrives in an era of mass extinction.

It is an updated version of “Neo-Malthusian Theory” which argues that food security and sustainable development are intrinsically linked. It formulates a comprehensive approach by involving all main regional as well as global stakeholders to devise a joint development research to institutionalize usage and utility of advanced technologies and of course implementation of industrial cooperation.

It is a new “Safe Heaven” in the age of deterrence stability, security doctrines, franchising of global terror, in which “art of invisibility” is guaranteed in the age of “Big Brother and Big Data”.  

It is a “Grand Green Book” of simulation of green development in Central Asia and South Asia which has now instrumental to human survival, productive channels, booming trade and commerce and maintenance of appropriate balance between “Divine and Development”.

It is a new “Blue Book” of tourism to promote “Sustainable Tourism Supply Chain Management System (STSCMS) between both the regions. It is a journey towards beautification of collective cultures, traditions, brands and products. It is vivid reflection of new adventures, adjoining strategies and holy policies to promote tourism in the new age of “virology” in the age of dawn of science and technology.

It is a new “Quantum Theory” of scientific discipline and development to expand scientific, cultural and humanitarian exchanges. It is also a new “Trust Receipt” of mutual trust, friendship, peace, stability and harmony in the entire region. It is new “Rethinking” of youth, nurturing, education and value of human capital among the regional countries.

It is a new “Newtonian Spirits” to promote science, technology and innovations between Central Asia and South Asia. It is of course depiction of human survival through scientific means, induction of modern and smarter technologies to accelerate spells of development in the region.

It is a new “Richer, Wiser and Happier” thoughtfulness process in the crucial decision making for the betterment of common people to achieve immense socio-economic prosperity and of course regional connectivity.

As a renowned “Strategist” President of Uzbekistan H.E. Shavkat Mirziyoyev also suggested comprehensive plans and programs to make these ten initiatives successful.

He like a “Maestro” of applied economics suggested creating “simulative” and “supportive” mechanism and conditions to foster development of economic ties and mutual investments between Central Asia and South Asia.  

As a “Practitioner of Reality” the president Mirziyoyev coined practical contribution of development orientation and institutionalization of effective means for free movement of investments, good and services through the development of advanced “Integrative Transport System (ITS)” and befitting propositions of energy infrastructure. He also used comprehensive approach and dissemination of “Effective Communication Theory” to translate deities and traditions of common heritage to promote spirits of cooperation in both the regions.

It is indeed a new “Grand Diagnostic Dialogue (GDD)” which would be transformed into specific programs and projects for the creation of new jobs and achieving of stability and sustainability of regional economies.

As an expert “Jurist” the President Mirziyoyev suggested to start joint study for the formulation and conclusion of multilateral agreement of economic cooperation among all the regional countries.

As a “Passionate Champion” of modern logistics and integrative transportation system the Uzbek president suggested to start trans-regional railway project of “Termez-Mazar-i-Sharif-Kabul-Peshawar” and termed it real architecture of the interconnection between Central Asia and South Asia. It will fully realize the transit potential of the entire region that has shortest and smoothest route of regional connectivity.

Moreover, it is a time and cost effective project for transporting goods between South Asia and Europe through Central Asia and Common Wealth nations. It would be inclusive economic development project of both the regions.

Moreover, it would be revival of ancient Northern trade route of “Uttarapatha” which used to connect Indo-Gangetic Plain with the Southern territories of Eurasian continent through the historic cities of Taxila, Garndhara and Termez. Furthermore, proposed trans-regional railways project is fully in line with the goals of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

As a “Digitalized Personality” the Uzbek President proposed to develop specific measures to implement digital connectivity in diverse fields of trade, transit and border management through devising a Joint Action Strategy (JAS). 

As an experienced “Food Economist & Technologist”, President Mirziyoyev chalked out comprehensive policies to achieve the goal of optimal food security in the Central Asia and South Asia.  He proposed Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAQ) to hold a meeting of the regional agriculture ministers to develop of program to overcome significant issue of food security.

As a true “Angel” of humanity, stability, security and of course peace the President Mirziyoyev emphasized the need to merge efforts of anti-terrorism, extremism and transnational crime including cyberspace.

He presented Multidimensional Strategy (MS) to counter all these looming threats to human existence, prosperity and sovereignty through “Joint Anti-Drug Action Plan” with the help of UN Office on Drugs and Crime. He was of the opinion that joint efforts should be started in the fight against terrorism. He envisioned integrated approach to eradicate menace of terrorism through the help of regional experts.

As a “True Lover” and “Protectionist” of nature, environment, ecology and biodiversity the president Mirziyoyev suggested taking all possible measures to mitigate devastating effects of climate change which has already produced havocs in terms of water scarcity, air and environment pollution, soil degradation and desertification.

As a “Beautifier” of natural beauty and tourism potential the President Mirziyoyev highlighted economic value of regional tourism which would be used in creation of new jobs, increase in revenues, GDPs, GNPs and of course grand benching mark of cultural diplomacy in the days to come.

As a “Guru” of international marketing and advertising the President Mirziyoyev pinpointed structural reforms and integrative steps for the development of regional tourism in terms of recognizable travel brands with elements of attractiveness and affordability, and safe routes in the ongoing human sage of COVID-19 with various variants. He suggested developing a comprehensive popular program with the framework of the World Tourism Organization for Central Asia and South Asia Regions.

As an “Applied Scientist” the President Mirziyoyev rightly emphasized to follow scientific ways and means for cultural and humanitarian exchanges and cooperation for achieving ultimate goal of trustworthy friendship among all the regional countries.

He suggested starting joint programs for regional education, science, culture and sports by involving and participation of young generations. He proposed formation of a permanent Youth Council of both the regions.

As a “True Stimulator” of science and technological innovation the President Mirziyoyev highlighted strategic importance of science, technology, and innovations. In this connection the president of Uzbekistan proposed “Facilitated Visa Regime (FVR)” for regional scientists and researchers. On line connectivity among the regional universities would also be vital for economic developed, he further added.

As a “True Champion” of “rational thinking” and “accumulate” decision making having forward looking outlook the President Mirziyoyev proposed formation of permanent expert pool of prominent scientists and researchers from all the regional countries to promote cooperation.

Being prominent regional expert of Uzbekistan I fully endorse “futuristic vision” of President of Uzbekistan H.E. Shavkat Mirziyoyev’s immense socio-economic prosperity, sensible massive industrialization, systematic persuasions of de-carbonization, digitalization, journey towards green energies and induction of scientific thinking.

I really admire holistic approaches and scientific policies of head of the state of Uzbekistan to spread the spirits of interconnectedness between Central Asia and South Asia regions. Innovative trans-regional railways project is the need of hour because any other economic or transport corridor is economically and financially not practical. It is the only safe heavens in which migratory birds (investors & businesspeople) can make their nests (investments).

I really appreciate in-depth knowledge of Uzbekistan president about “Cultural Diplomacy” which is indeed antidote for reducing prejudices, biases, and discriminations in the both the regions. Fallacies of religion and wrong notions of different phobias are the potential threats to regional peace and stability that is why he strongly recommended to joint fight against terrorism, extremism and radicalization through tolerance, education, and scientific thinking.

To conclude rapidly changing socio-economic orientations, geopolitical conditionality and last but not geo-political compulsions there is an urgent need to start new journey towards greater regional cooperation, coordination, collaboration, and connectivity in which President of Uzbekistan H.E. Shavkat Mirziyoyev ten initiatives may be function as “ten commandments” of modern world. 


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