Bishkek’s Kyrgyz Step in the Nation-State Building Process

Emrah KAYA

Kyrgyzstan, which gained its independence after the collapse of the Soviet Union, is a state with success from important political periods. Because of this feature, he has serious experience. However, like all Eurasian actors, the Bishkek administration has been going through an important test lately. Because a global problem like terrorism threatens the whole world, especially the Eurasian geography. The most important defense against these threats is the states that have established their authority in the lands they dominate and prioritize the welfare of their people

When we look at the example of Afghanistan, it becomes easier to understand how important it is to build a nation on common values. One of the reasons for the problems experienced in Afghanistan today is that a higher Afghan identity could not be formed on different identities. This situation facilitates the destabilization of countries by foreign powers. In addition, there is concern about the spread of various threats and problems from Afghanistan to neighboring geographies. For this reason, these threats and problems threaten a large number of Eurasian states, including Russia.

As it is known, in Kyrgyzstan, the separation of north and south is mentioned. Russian is spoken mainly in the northern regions, and Kyrgyz in the southern regions. This situation not only creates differences between the society, but also creates a basis for the violence in Afghanistan to spread more easily in the country.

In order to prevent the said risk, it is essential to establish a strong upper identity in Kyrgyzstan. Social unity will not be strengthened only in Kyrgyzstan through the upper identity to be established; it will also contribute to the peace and stability of Central Asia. It should not be forgotten that a chain is only as strong as its strongest link. In order to achieve this, it is essential to unite the Kyrgyz people over common values. Because without a strong nation-state, a society that will fight against threats will not be able to be created and thus stability, security and prosperity will not be achieved. The example of Afghanistan shows once again how important Kyrgyzstan’s efforts to build a nation on common values ​​are for the stability and peace of the region.

In order to build a strong nation-state and increase social reconciliation in Kyrgyzstan, the Bishkek administration is making a legal change in the state language of the country. The purpose of the change in question is to improve the language policy for the preservation of the identity of the Kyrgyz people and the development of the national culture. In this context, it is stated that civil servants should speak Kyrgyz. Article 1 of the draft law clearly states that Kyrgyz is the official language of the country. It is also emphasized that the state language is responsible for uniting all ethnic groups in the country and contributes to the strengthening of the bond between them. Article 2 clearly states that Russian is the official language. In addition, it is stated that ethnic groups in the country can freely use their language and receive education in their own language.[1]

The following points stand out in the bill[2]

  • Consumer services will be provided in the state language (Kyrgyz). Translation into other languages ​​will be possible if required.
  • Other ethnic groups have the right to preserve and use their mother tongue.
  • Official documents, names of institutions, organizations and banks will be in Kyrgyz. Translation in other languages ​​will be possible. However, texts in other languages ​​will not be written larger than Kyrgyz.
  • Press broadcasts such as radio and television will be made in 70% Kyrgyz language. Television and radio companies, regardless of their affiliation, have to make 70% of their broadcasts in the state language.
  • Meeting, conference, congress, fair, seminar, forum etc. social activities will be done in Kyrgyz language. Translation will be made if necessary.

At this point, it should be noted that; Language is one of the most important factors that hold a society together. In order to be a real Kyrgyz and to build a healthy Kyrgyz society, it is necessary to speak the Kyrgyz language and to think like the Kyrgyz. In this sense, Kyrgyzstan aims to strengthen the unity and solidarity within the country first, and then to put its relations with its regional and global allies on a healthy ground, by building a strong Kyrgyz identity without posing a threat to any ethnic group.

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