World Bank investigates energy efficiency of public buildings in Azerbaijan


Within the framework of the Azerbaijan Rapid Technical Assistance Facility (AZTAF), Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Energy, the European Union (EU), and the World Bank (WB) have come together to discuss the operational structure and activities of the Energy Efficiency Fund, as well as the key outcomes of the Roadmap for the National Renovation Program for private and public buildings.

This event, concluding a series of seminars planned within the framework of the AZTAF Energy Efficiency and Climate Technical Assistance Project, was organized to present the project’s initial results and gather feedback from various interested parties. It was noted at the event that buildings are the main energy consumers, and their renovation is one of the most effective ways to increase energy efficiency. The draft roadmap which was developed as part of the AZTAF program, reflects a comprehensive plan for the renovation of both private and public buildings, incorporating the latest technologies and best practices.



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