US Treasury chief calls for G20 to act on food insecurity


Janet Yellen points to global food security, climate change, economic shocks associated with COVID-19 at G20 meeting

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Friday called for G20 nations to tackle food insecurity around the world.

“We are meeting at an extremely difficult time for global food security, which was already under pressure from conflict, climate change, and economic shocks associated with COVID-19,” Yellen said in her remarks at a meeting of G20 finance leaders in Indonesia.

“Now, Russia’s war against Ukraine has exacerbated those challenges and led to a global crisis of food insecurity as prices spiked for food, fertilizer, and fuel. (Russian President Vladimir) Putin’s actions, including the destruction of agricultural facilities, theft of grain and farm equipment, and the effective blockade of Black Sea ports, amount to using food as a weapon of war,” she told.

Yellen urged G20 countries to work together to tackle these challenges and protect the world from the threat of hunger.

She noted that last month the US announced a commitment of $2.76 billion to tackle food insecurity, on top of $2.8 billion provided to Ukraine since the beginning of Russia’s war.



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