US envoy calls for Serbia to impose sanctions on Russia


US Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Balkans Gabriel Escobar urged Serbia to join the EU’s sanctions against Russia for declaring war on Ukraine.

The brutal conflict between Russia and Ukraine has now entered the 99th day with Kremlin forces continuously attacking Ukrainian cities. The situation has taken a new direction as United States of America President Joe Biden has pledged that “more advanced rocket systems and munitions” will be provided to the war-torn nation. On Wednesday, the United States envoy urged Serbia to join the European Union’s sanctions against Russia for declaring war on Ukraine. 

US Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Balkans Gabriel Escobar, via a video speech during the Southeastern Europe Democracy Summit in Montenegro, asked Serbia to condemn the actions of Moscow and impose sanctions. 

“Almost every country in the Western Balkans has agreed that Russia will pay a price for this through sanctions, supporting Ukraine and its people. I hope that Serbia will join this group and harmonise sanctions when the government is formed,” Escobar said, reported Euractiv.

From the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine war, Serbia has remained clear with its stance of not joining the western “hysteria” against Russia. On several occasions, the top leaders of the country have openly expressed that Belgrade has no plans to impose any sanctions on Moscow. Recently, Serbia’s re-elected President Aleksandar Vucic claimed that his administration is facing mounting pressures from all sides to join the EU’s sanction list. However, the Serbian President stated that pressures from the other nations would not change course and Serbia would continue to remain neutral over the ongoing conflict. 

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