Sweden, Finland mull NATO membership amid Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine


Russia warns Baltic countries of ‘military and political consequences’ if they join military alliance.

Sweden and Finland are preparing for NATO accession, ending decades of neutrality despite Moscow’s threats that their NATO membership will push the region into conflict with Russia.

Russia’s war on Ukraine, which has been ongoing since Feb. 24, triggered Sweden and Finland to rethink their security and to consider ending their opposition to the NATO membership.

Sweden’s ruling Social Democrats will decide on an application to join NATO on May 15, while Finland is expected to announce its support for the bloc membership this week.

The NATO membership application could be made at the alliance’s June summit in Madrid and is most likely to be fast-tracked.

Non-military alliance is a part of Swedish identity, a vital piece of the strategic culture which has formed Sweden since decades, however in Finland it is more of a question of realism and rationality.



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