South Korea to sharpen message to NK: envoy


South Korea aims to convey a more specific message to the North Korean leadership this year, emphasizing that provocations will only strengthen the South’s alignment with the United States and Japan, the country’s Ambassador to the United States Cho Hyun-dong said Tuesday.

“North Korea has been persistently conducting unprecedented threats and provocations against us,” he said.

“We will never be swayed or (give in) to North Korea’s provocations and threats. Instead, we will ensure that North Korea more clearly recognizes that such actions only lead to fortifying the readiness posture of South Korea and the US, along with fostering security cooperation among South Korea, the US and Japan.”

Cho said that Seoul will “continue efforts to establish strategic environments (so that) North Korea can return to the dialogue for denuclearization through a holistic approach of deterrence, dissuasion, dialogue and diplomacy.”


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