Hong Kong proposes ban on ‘anti-national’ movies

by Sami Burgaz
time lapse photography of car lights in front of cinema
Under legal amendments, even previously given approval for movies deemed to endanger national security may be revoked.

ANKARA (AA) – Hong Kong on Tuesday revealed a draft of legal amendments seeking to ban movies deemed to be against national security interests.

The proposed bill on film censorship is meant to “ensure more effective fulfilment of the duty to safeguard national security” as required by China on “safeguarding national security” in Hong Kong, the regional government said in a statement.

It added that the law would “prevent and suppress acts or activities that may endanger national security.”

The bill is scheduled to be tabled in the region’s Legislative Council, or LegCo, next Wednesday.

In June, the Hong Kong government had launched the drafting process for the new censorship regulatory framework.

Under the amended law, Hong Kong authorities can revoke approval for movies granted in past.

If passed, the amended law will empower the Hong Kong chief secretary to “direct the Film Censorship Authority to revoke certificates of approval or exemption previously issued for films if they go against national security interests.”

Any unapproved movie shown on screen will reportedly carry a one-year jail term and a fine.


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