Kenya evacuates nationals stranded in Afghanistan

by Sami Burgaz
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1 of 12 Kenyans working for international organizations has arrived back home while 2 others expected back Thursday night.

NAIROBI, Kenya (AA) – Kenya said Thursday that through diplomatic channels, it had successfully evacuated three of its citizens working for international organizations in Afghanistan.

In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Kenya is closely monitoring as events unfold in Afghanistan following the takeover of the capital Kabul by the Taliban on Aug. 15.

“The safety of Kenyans is of utmost importance to the government of Kenya. Kenya has no diplomatic presence in Afghanistan nor accreditation to Afghanistan. Nevertheless, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Kenya High Commission in Islamabad, Pakistan, which is the nearest mission to Afghanistan, has reached out to our allies to get information on any Kenyans stranded in Afghanistan and prospects of evacuation,” it said.

The ministry said it had established that there were around 12 Kenyans working for international organizations in Afghanistan.

Through diplomatic channels, it wrote to the concerned organizations with a clear request to evacuate stranded Kenyans as a matter of urgency.

The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan, the Supreme Audit Office (World Bank) and Action Contre la Faim (ACF) each had employed two Kenyans.

Other institutions which had employed just one Kenyan per organization include the International Rescue Committee, the International Development Law Organization (IDLO), the Danish Committee for Aid to Afghanistan Refugees, Medair, Handicap International (HI) and Intersos.

“As of Thursday, 19th August 2021, three Kenyans have been evacuated. One working for the International Development Law Organization (IDLO) arrived back to Kenya on Wednesday, while two working for Action Contre la Faim (ACF) have been evacuated. They are expected back home tonight at around 9 p.m.,” the foreign ministry said.

Kenyan missions in Beijing and Tehran have also been directed to urgently reach out to the host governments, foreign diplomatic missions, partners and friends of Kenya for assistance in evacuating any stranded Kenyans to safety.


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