Kabul women rally for rights in Afghanistan

Women call on Taliban to safeguard rights to education, employment, social life

KABUL, Afghanistan (AA) – A small group of women staged a rally in the Afghan capital Kabul on Friday, calling on the Taliban to ensure equal rights in the country and allow them to be contributing members of Afghan society.

They gathered in front of the Presidential Palace in Kabul before moving down nearby streets, chanting slogans in support of women’s rights in Afghanistan, which was under a governance system introduced by the US after it invaded the country in 2001 and overthrew the first Taliban regime.

The group carried signs with messages such as “Women and men have equal rights” and “A society without women is a dead society.”

“We are here to demand our rights and to make our voices heard in the world,” said Samir Hayirhav, a participant.

She said it was imperative for women to be part of Afghanistan’s new government as “a society without women will never progress.”

The future of Afghan women has been the focus of much discussion since the Taliban seized power on Aug. 15.

Many women in the country have voiced concerns over possible restrictions on their education and involvement in social and economic life.

This was the second successive women’s protest in Afghanistan in as many days.

On Thursday, a group of more than 50 women and girls staged a rally in the western Herat province, urging the Taliban to safeguard their rights to education, employment, and social life.

The Taliban have been trying to address these concerns, reiterating on multiple occasions that women will not be prevented from participating in social and economic activities.

Several Taliban leaders have also recently appeared on news programs hosted by women anchors in what was seen as an effort to assuage fears and portray a more positive image of the group. ​​​​​​​


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